Kevin Carroll Podcast Interview

At the HOW Design Conference in Denver (was that really 2010?), Nate and I somehow recorded 12 podcasts (5 daily recaps, and 7 interviews), with the last one coming around half an hour after the closing keynote by Kevin Carroll. It was a crazy week, and we spoke a lot, both on the show and right around it, with Kevin about the great energy created when so many designers get in a room together. But, that’s a once a year thing, and the rest of the year? Some days are crazier than others.

Last week I walked into my office, and quickly found 2/3 of the building was without power – great, on the day I lined up to record with Kevin via the Internet – if we can get anything. Thankfully, a number of extension cords strung together could get the phone and modem going again, even if we would have to record with only light from the window, this could work. It did work, until the rest of the power went out right as we were wrapping up, I guess that’s one way to end a recording – just pull the plug on all the power in the building, call it a day? Good thing we were recording from a laptop so I didn’t lose the file… I guess an email from my phone to Kevin saying, sorry, we just lost all power will have to suffice for a thanks, as Skype isn’t coming back anytime soon.

So, with that, I have to thank Steve Gordon for co-hosting, and Kevin for being a great guest, even if we did basically end our chat by hanging up on him with no notice, we’ll try not to repeat that part.

We speak with Kevin Carroll about his books, his digital press kit created by Willoughby Design, his ball collection going on tour in museums, TEDx talks, and of course the reason we brought him on this week – his help in creating Why I Design.

Next week we’ll bring the second installment of the Why I Design project, until then, I hope you enjoy the chat.

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