Less than related to graphic design today, taking a bit of a risk I know. I have shoveled my driveway twice in two days, today I will do so again. This duty falls to me not just because I AM MAN, which I like think, at least around here and despite the frequent challenges to superiority I endure from my dog, but also because I am a work-from-home professional. Simply put, I am here, thus I must clear the way for those in this family who must not be here.

And when I say that I am shoveling my driveway, know that I am shoveling the ice planet of Hoth away from these paths. And that once this task is complete, the snow itself laughs like a decadent Viking King, gorged on a hearty meal, and simply waves away all traces of my hard work with a smile. It’s as though you can look out the front window of my house and see no clue or hint that I had ever had any impact upon that icy landscape. And yet, forward I will go, to work my appointed task, for I must. 

Occasionally I will see my neighbors, with their fancy snowblowers, but my eyes do not look upon them with jealously. Somewhere in my upbringing, and I am not sure where, really, I equated shoveling a driveway with your bare hands with life accomplishment. It is a hard, tiring task, worth much effort, and in the end you can look out upon your work (for a minute or two at least) over the brim of a mug of hot chocolate and feel something close to pride. Using a snowblower feels a bit more like mowing the lawn, which is a chore, and not something to be celebrated. Perhaps I need to buy a hand-powered lawnmower. Time will tell.