Justin Ahrens and Von Glitschka

Justin Ahrens of Rule29, and Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios graciously spent time with us over what turned out to be a buggy day of Internet chatting on Friday. Thankfully, once the bugs worked themselves out by take three, it was a conversation that just flew by.

Both Justin and Von are speaking at next month’s How Conference in Denver, so we make them verbally battle it out over why you should see their presentations over the other ones there. Are they convincing? Chime in below.

Since both Justin and Von have been on the show last, the books just keep coming, as Justin has produced The Best of Business Card 9, and Von has created the amazing Drip Dot Swirl pattern book.

It was great to speak to both of them again, but the reason for having them on together? A recent trek to Africa to film a documentary for Life in Abundance. We speak of the life-changing trip that took both very talented artists out of their comfort zones and into the world of filmmaking. And in an environment that is literally known as the slums. Von has also been blogging about the experience starting with this post, for those that want a more in-depth feel for how one project can change you. I look forward to seeing the future works that the trip will produce. Amazing stuff so far.

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