Well – here it is, folks: the annual “Superb-Owl” Spectactular show. Every year 36 point grabs a group of design friends together, and guest host Tom Nemitz leads the discussion on the TOP Super Bowl commercials. This year’s ensemble cast included Donovan Beery, Ben Lueders, Steve Gordon, Ashley McFeely and Tom Nemitz. Here’s the semi-finalists we selected Tom’s 5 categories:

1. Cars: Paul Harvey’s “Farmer”
2. Beverages: “The Rock” for Milk 
3. Food: Taco Bell Old People, Oreo Whispers (And their twitter ad)
4. Movies: Oz the Great and Powerful
5. Potpourri: Tide Miracle Stain, Old Spice “Wolves”

You’ll have to listen to the show to hear our top winner/s!

P.S: This one didn’t make the cut – but we promised we’d have a link to it: Tracy Morgan’s “Change America”

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