GET READY FOR THE GREATEST PODCAST EVER MADE. And while you are getting ready, listen to ours.

This nearly-two-hour podcast is the very ultimate in Superbowl TV Commercial recaps. All the best, none of the rest. Our panel of six experts (including Design Princess Ashley McFeely, Show Friends Aaron Stubbe and Joe Sparano, and Steve “Aren’t I Too Famous For This Yet?” RDQlus Gordon) cut through nine categories of awesomeness to bring you the very best of the best of the best of Superbowl Ads. Listen in to see how we picked winners (and runners up) for the following categories:

  • “Best” Use of a Celebrity or Athlete
  • Best Nutshot or Nutshot-Like Behavior
  • Worst Use of 3 Million Dollars
  • Best Movie Trailer
  • Best Use of Sexy to Sell an Unsexy Product or Service
  • Character You Would Most Like to Party With
  • Best Series
  • Best Ad, Serious
  • Best Ad, Comedy

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