Desmond LaVelle & Jennifer Martindale: The Reflex Blue Show #240

Desmond LaVelle and Jennifer Martindale were the keynote speaker of AAF Nebraska‘s Meet the pros this year. Well, unlike most years where each keynote speaks over one of the two lunches, they simply did a back-to-back, or as they called it, a double header. As always, the event was great, and I always highly recommend it to all students within a few hours of Omaha.

Since we were at a student event, of course we discuss student advice, as well as getting that first job. As the SVP of Marketing for the Chicago Cubs, Jennifer talks about working in the sports industry, and as the biggest khaki expert I have ever met through his work with Dockers, Desmond introduces me to the term ‘pocket bags’, and my life is already better for it.

We also talk about Desmonds new book, The French Word for Murder, seeing Rowdy Roddy Piper in Omaha, and more.