This is a thing that really happened about a week and a half ago. Huge job shows up on my doorstep, practically gift-wrapped. And it’s big, it’s a lot of work. I send out a fair price, the client comes back, and we settle on something a little lower but still doable. Life is good.

A few days later I get the “guy knows a guy who’d do it for this.” And THIS turned out to be 10% of my bid. My response to this was, well, who the F is this guy bidding huge jobs that low? Was it a teenager? Because I can counter that in a conversation. No, it turned out to be a guy who makes a great living doing something completely unrelated, and just does crap like this on the side to make extra money for ipods or something. Crap Like This being the thing I make a living on.

And I wrote on my page: “I lost a job to someone who bid 10% of my price and in walked a man 10% of my size.”