Bryn Mooth, who was the face of HOW and the HOW Conference for as long as I can remember, attended this year’s conference as an attendee. But leaving the world of writing? No, she’s just moved on to writing about food at her new site, writes4food.

So we talk of food, writing, 20 years of HOW, and then – interruptions – lot of interruptions. Ends up that after recording our last episode with Dyana Valentine and Stefan Mumaw, the staff of the conference center cleaned our recording room out. In the process, our microphones and some other items were just gone. I will give the Hyatt staff some props for quick action on this one. Too quick, as we get interrupted a number of times here. Even before recording was done (as you will hear through the breaks in this show), half of our items were found. The microphones made it back within a few hours. The other items? I assume they got thrown in a dumpster.

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