Back from HOW in Denver, and the world is a different place to me. At some point I will properly recap my experience, which, due to our enhanced access as MEDIA (badges that got play, by the way) I am sure differs somewhat from the average conference goers’. Suffice it to say, it was life-changing, which I previously did not believe a professional conference would be capable of doing.

The other thing the HOW Conference excelled at was damn-near killing me. Seriously. Marines, after months of training, learn how to push their tired aside and operate in spite of it. I think I got some taste of that during the Denver Conference. Even Bryn Mooth, Queen of HOW and perpetual motion machine, was seen slightly dimmed by the fifth day. I say slightly because if you could bottle Byrn Mooth and sell it you could power Moscow for a month.

So when I returned to life normal here in Omaha, I found myself, as did many of my new Facebook and Twitter friends, both uncommonly motivated and completely destroyed. The comic wrote itself even before I had left Colorado, but it took me until today to create it. It’s Monday, and I got back late Wednesday. That’s how long it took me to recover, and I’m still a little weak in the knees.

Voss Out