It started in 2008 as a vehicle for The Reflex Blue Show, one of the best podcasts covering the graphic design industry, and later grew to include 1PT.Rule (a webcomic), reviews, and other forms of amazing stuff. But really, it may still just be a vehicle for The Reflex Blue Show…

What have people said
about 36 Point?

“[12 Best Graphic Design Podcasts To Listen To In 2024] This podcast stands out for its lively discussions on the work and experiences of graphic designers… The show’s engaging format makes learning about graphic design both informative and entertaining.”

Hannah Clark – 1/29/24

“[27 best graphic design podcasts that every top creative should listen to (2024)] Donovan Beery uses “The Reflex Blue Show” as a platform for discussing everything from graphic design trends to web design, and pop culture. It’s a valuable resource for new and veteran designers alike, with plenty of interviews with leading authorities in the field.”

Alyssa Omandac – 12/15/23

“[Best Graphic Design Podcasts To Listen To] While the listeners put their ears down on this podcast show, invaluable graphic design information can be acquired which can be applied whenever they encounter similar design challenges.”

Graphxhub – 5/14/23

“[Keynotes & Sessions & Podcasters, Oh My!] Donovan Beery has been reporting from the front lines of HOW Design Live for years—and over the course of more than 200 episodes of The Reflex Blue Show, he has brought design and illustration to vivid life through his interviews with the fields’ many talented practitioners.”

HOW Design Live Email Newsletter – 2/22/23

“[Press Play on These 25 Design Podcasts] Desire to learn more about graphic design, specifically? Tune into The Reflex Blue Show, a podcast that follows the latest trends, tech, and topics shaking the industry.”

Kelsey Arrington of Authentic Jobs – 9/27/22

“[40 Best Creative Podcasts To Liven Up Your Day in 2022] Whether cooking, cleaning or commuting, you really can’t beat a good podcast.”

Oliver Stevenson of Shillington – 7/12/22

“[Best Podcasts Resources For Designers] Each episode features creative professionals and they share insights and experience of working in the industry. This way, you can learn more than just design. So, take some time to listen to some episodes of this podcast and grow in your creative journey.”

Michael Wong of The Designership – 4/21/21

“[Design While You Multitask: Top 6 Design Podcasts] What makes this show unique are the questions Beery asks of his guests and that most of his episodes take place in-person. This style leads to uncommon and spontaneous (sometimes hilarious) conversation.”

Neenah Paper – 4/8/20

“[Top 10 Graphic Design Podcast Ideas] [The Reflex Blue Show] covers everything and anything related to design … and their longevity is mainly due to its fascinating blend of guests.”

Red Cup Agency – 8/31/19

“[Our 15 favorite design podcasts] The Reflex Blue Show tells the stories of modern design visionaries … all of which are done in person. Conversations range from personal stories to practical advice on carving out a meaningful career as a designer.”

Inside Design – 7/9/19

“[18 Best Graphic Design Podcasts to Listen to in 2019] A long-running podcast for designers, The Reflex Blue Show covers anything and everything that matters to designers. It does a deep dive into graphic design, web design, and pop culture.”

Creative Market – 2/21/19

“[Designing the Perfect Podcast] Having been a guest on The Reflex Blue Showmyself, I’ll admit, the experience is a lot of fun, especially because the recordings are done in person, sitting down and hanging out.”

HOW Design – 9/5/18

“[15 Design Podcasts For Every Graphic Designer] Sometimes, design information can get a bit heavy and might bore the listeners. But these design punks have got the talent to take serious matters in an amusingly nonchalant and smooth manner. They have a great sense of humor and aim to hone the skills of their avid listeners. Moreover, these guys also discuss recaps from different design conferences. Oh, and they also like to have fun with their guest from a variety of backgrounds, especially the ones fostering modern design culture. People should listen to these types of design podcasts more often!”

Evan Brown – 7/10/18

“[10 Business Related & Creative Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs] This podcast has a laid back, fun vibe and gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look into the experiences of designers we look up to in the industry. This podcast is motivating and gets you excited about establishing yourself as a designer.”

Creative Mind Entrepreneurs – 7/18

“[6 Design Podcasts You Should Be Subscribing To] Listening to The Reflex Blue Show is like listening to your best friends discuss the latest trends and artists in the design world – if your friends were the leading designers in the industry of course. Reflex Blue follows a more conversational, funny approach to graphic design, pop culture, and the people working in the industry.”

Web Design Ledger – 6/1/18

“[The 10 Best Podcasts for Designers] This is a dyed-in-the-wool shop talk design podcast, with plenty of industry banter, riffing on the creative process, and interviews with hip designers from a variety of backgrounds… Beery also frequently attends and covers design conferences and events like the AIGA Design Conference.”

Kate LaCour – 2/26/18

“[40 best creative podcasts to liven up your commute] Touted as one of the best podcasts covering the graphic design industry, The Reflex Blue Show was founded in 2008.”

Sarah McHugh – 2/21/18

“For the creative type, download… The Reflex Blue Show and become a master of graphic design, page layout and infographics. Hone your skills with this show, which is aimed at graphic design, web design and chatting about people working in the industry.”

Kirsten Ballard – 9/29/17

“[The 12 best graphic design podcasts] Now in its ninth season, with 163 episodes for you to work through, it’s featured a huge selection of guests over the years…”

Joe Nicklo – 10/24/16

“[Inspiring Creative Podcasts] It’s extremely well-researched and thought out, so you’ll find that they tackle subjects like internships, fonts, AIGA, environmental design and pop culture in an authentic and honest way. They also have a star-studded list of design professionals, such as Russell Brown (highly recommend tuning into that one), Jeff Fisher, and Von Glitscha. Don’t worry—the hosts keep things light-hearted, so it’s not dry at all.”

The Charles NYC – 9/12/16

“Conversational, funny, informative, and at times a little non sequitur…”

Duffy & Partners – 7/15/13

“You gotta follow these radio hoodlums @36Point.”

James Victore – 7/6/12

“There are a lot of interesting, truly curious people in the world, but the guys at The Reflex Blue Show take curiosity and the art of the interview to a whole other level.”

Dyana Valentine – 8/9/11

“This is no stuffy talk show! These guys bring a great sense of humor to the podcast and really seem to enjoy what they are doing. Nate and Donovan know their stuff too. Their questions and discussions with the guests are well researched and well thought out. They tackle important subjects such as fonts, AIGA, portfolios, internships, music, pop culture, environmental design, presenting your work and so much more.”

Jake Van Ness – 7/20/11

“The pleasure and the privilege was mine as I discussed “Sketchbook” on the industry’s favorite podcast, The Reflex Blue Show.”

Timothy O’Donnell – 4/3/09

“The Reflex Blue is one of the nations leading design focused podcasts. The creators Nate Voss and Donovan Beery have a down to earth and engaging style that makes any subject interesting.”

Justin Ahrens of Rule29 – 3/22/09

“I don’t have to tell you about, do I? I love these guys… their podcasts have been a must since the Be A Design Cast days.”

Dan Reynolds of TypeOff – 11/17/08

“You guys had the best questions I’ve ever gotten. I was deeply impressed that you did research, and actually knew things about us (but not the really skanky stuff). Thanks for having me on your show. It was a highlight of my trip. And thanks for the hard work keeping design and designers out there to the rest of the world.”

Sean Adams of AdamsMorioka – 6/26/08

“Nate and Donovan are a little nuts, so this is a really different radio interview from [Design Matters with Debbie Millman]. The Reflex Blue Show is as close as designers will come to Morning Zoo-type radio shows, and it’s actually pretty great. They know what they’re doing. Check it out if you’ve got the time.”

Stefan Bucher of 344 – 3/12/08

“Two renegade bloggers from Be A Design Group have gone rogue, creating their own foray into the design webosphere, and means business.”

QUIPPED by Jason A. Tselentis – 3/5/08

“[The Reflex Blue Show is] not like it’s NPR with Terry Gross or anything, but I was still a little nervous. In the end, I had a great time. Anyone can do a podcast with enough technology at their disposal, but Nate and Donovan are doing something that adds to the graphic design industry. These two guys from Omaha are shaping and enhancing the design community…and having fun doing it.”

Steve Hartman of Creativille – 3/5/08