Justin Dauer: The Reflex Blue Show #249

Justin Dauer, who is no stranger to The Reflex Blue Show, and author of Cultivating a Creative Culture and it’s second edition, Creative Culture: Human-Centered Interaction, Design, & Inspiration, joins me to discuss his new book, in fulfillment:
the designer’s journey. We talk about what it means to be fulfilled at work, and what you can do to reach this goal as a designer. And how to maintain fulfillment once you achieve part of it.

We then discuss a bit about his previous two books and how the ideas in them about creating an office culture turned out to hold up even in the realm of working remote.

We also talk about Justin’s new venture, anomali by design, and making the move to starting his own company after all of these years as a design leader.

Of course, as this episode was recorded a couple of months ago, we end up speaking of Michael Keat0n’s return as Batman in The Flash. Turns out we both had memories of seeing the 1989 Batman in our local mall – still weird to me how important malls felt a few decades ago, and how much that industry has changed / disappered. Strangely enough, I have seen more movies in the past two years (still only ten total so far) at the theater than I have in decades (even without a Star Wars in that timeframe). Not sure why, most of them were unplanned. But I will say, that way to watch a movie has yet to be replicated at a home for myself anyway.