ZOMG! Yes we did start our own site. Yes. We. Did.

Yes it is a website. No it is not a design blog. Let that go.

Welcome to 36 Point, which will, gradually and over time, take over the world. Right now, straight up, today, there is not a lot here. A great big, multi-page “coming soon” site. We are working diligently on really ridiculous amounts of incredible for this site. So you’re here: Today. Not much. Tomorrow? More. Day after? Little more. Keep it rolling like that and you’ve got the idea.

Next week we launch The Reflex Blue Show, and you’d better hold on to your hats. And your pants. Big promises from the guys that previously brought you the best show in the world, I know, but egos are running high and it’s been a long day of designering and prgrammering and that’s what you get. The Unbridled Ego of Me.