Last year, our limited holiday card to friends and family took a change to a postcard format. We really don’t write a letter, so the need for the extra space was not an issue.

What was an issue, was arriving at the post office to find they only had one type of stamp for postcards. And they were not what I would have picked to mail out to my mother. I am usually a fan of whoever does stamp designs, but this may be the biggest miss I have seen to date. Please let me know if you find a worse stamp design in the past decade.


First, maybe I’m reading into this too much. Second, is this really the only postcard stamp they sell in a season with snow covering most of the United States? I refuse to spend more for the only seasonal stamps they had in stock, and didn’t feel like piecing together smaller denominations for our postcards. Sadly, this looked to be our only option.

Still determined to try postcards again this year, I am happy to report that the post office was much friendlier to those of us sending less than an envelope this year. Enjoy them while you can, where the post office may now be friendly to me, the polar bear is now a threatened species.