We first want to thank those of you who have been with us since our beginning in February of 2008, and also those of you we have been able to meet along the way, it has truly made this a great adventure.

Since we signed off of The Reflex Blue Show Season 2 on February 26, it may have seemed like we had slowed down a lot – we want to let you know that we had simply been spending the extra time working on a new look to launch year three with.  (Well, my brother got married, and all the wedding stuff and family did eat into a bit of my time. More than worth it of course.)

In March, we  upgraded the Movable Type platform we had been using – some of the custom code we had didn’t work with the new version. You may have seen some under construction messages here and there on the site. This left us with a decision: 1) spend time to learn the new version of Movable Type or 2) Take the hint that over the past two years, WordPress has been making larger strides in improvement over that time and make the switch. We switched to WordPress. Then we spent the time to make sure almost all of the links to our old site would still work when the move was made.

A change like this had to come with a new look, but you will notice some other changes we made – comments will use your Gravatar (if you have one of course), more Twitter integration has been added into the left side of the pages (the last five comments mentioning @36point show up on all of the pages), the 1PT.Rule comic now appears in the 1PT. Rule RSS feed, and we moved a few things around. We still have a lot of things left to do, but like all websites, this is a work in progress.

This week we will return with The Reflex Blue Show Season 3. We look forward to talking to you then!