Continuing to take the advice of David Sherwin, in addition to being able to find podcasts by guest name, we’re adding a list of our personal favorites.

Below our the Season 1 picks. We’ll be announcing Season 2 and Season 3 picks this Wednesday and Thursday. These picks will also be archived under the podcast link at the top of each page.

Donovan’s Pick: Episode 5

The visuals of this show are what makes it in this one (you have to almost "watch" it in your iPod window). This changed the way we started giving presentations, as our talks have become more interactive over the past couple years.
The Reflex Blue Show
Main Topic:
  Nate and Donovan re-present their show-stopping presentation at a student portfolio event called Meet the Pros. Episode covers how to make a great portfolio from top to bottom.
Release Date:
  April 2, 2008
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Nate’s Pick: Episode 17

Finally meeting my design hero, Chip Kidd, did not disappoint. We spent the majority of this show geeking out on Batman, Watchmen, and his books, The Cheese Monkeys and The Learners.
The Reflex Blue Show
  Chip Kidd
Main Topics:
  The Cheese Monkeys, The Learners, Bat-Manga!, Watching the Watchmen
Taboo Typeface:
  Bell Gothic
Release Date:
  September 10, 2008
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