I arrived safely in San Francisco this afternoon- excited to explore the city before all my blogging/podcasting duties start up. Because I don’t have an iPhone, (Probably just lost half of my audience right there) I had to explore the city via “wandering-around-aimlessly-until-I-get-so-lost-that-I-have-to-stop-into-a-Starbucks-to-utilize-wi-fi-and-find-my-location-with-google-maps-on-my-MacBook.” (At one point I actually took a photo of the google directions on my MacBook screen with my Canon Powershot- so I wouldn’t have to pull out my laptop in the middle of the street.) I know, I know- I’m pretty stone age for a guy doing such newfangled things as “podcasting” and “blogging” at a design conference marked by “interactivity”. (Your haughty giggles are so pretentious.)


I like how my hotel’s sign is right next to an Academy of Art DESIGN sign.

I don’t like how all this cool breakable stuff is so expensive.

I like how I can see two Starbucks from my hotel.

I don’t like how they mis-spell Nebraska cites.

I like how these child statues dance with such jubilance.

I don’t like anything about these statues.

I like how this HUGE boat went right under the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.

I don’t like how this fisherman guy told me that the bridge I took a million pictures of was not the Golden Gate bridge but actually just the Bay Bridge.

I like how the fisherman guy has a flip-phone.

I LOVE how there’s an L&L right down the street from my hotel!

Katsu chicken- YUM!

Even our President loves a good Hawaiian Plate Lunch! (Wait- we are still allowed to mention Barack Obama…right?)


Ben Lueders// Eleven19 Communications