at 11:19 am

Earlier this year we launched 36 Pints – an after work meet-up event for Omaha area designers (hope to see everyone tomorrow at Jake’s Cigars & Spirits). Right after we announced it, Ryan told us we needed a lunch event. Turns out, we kind of already had one.

Omaha designer Russ Messerley had stopped by The Reflex Blue Show recording studio and grabbed lunch with Ben Lueders and I last August. Ben and I decided we needed a reason to have lunch with local area creatives, and @11:19 was born.

What is @11:19? It goes like this:

  1. The creative team at Eleven19 (Donovan Beery and Ben Lueders) stops by your office OR you / your team stop by the Eleven19 office (your preference) at around 11:19am.
  2. A short studio tour / introduction / chat occurs
  3. Everyone grabs lunch together at a nearby venue

And that’s it. If you are in the area, and are a creative team [in-house / studio / whatever] or run a freelance design shop, we’d love an excuse to grab lunch. Email donovan [at] eleven19 [dot] com.

We’ll keep details of past lunches, and the above event description on the official @11:19 page. And thanks to those who’ve already participated, it’s been a great time!