Adobe Goes to the Cloud

This week we bring back Brandon Herbel and Steve Gordon to, wait, let me go back for a minute first. When chatting at River City Social Club, next door to my office, with Steve and Brandon a while back, I found out they were super early adopters of the Adobe Creative Cloud. They liked the pricing at the time, and it let them get the newest from Adobe. Well, turns out that this is not only the way of the future, it’s the way of the present, as it’s about to be the only way to get access to the Adobe creative suite. So, who better to see what this is about then two designers who have been using it.

Then we speak about the new AIGA membership plans. I just got my new card, says I’ve been a member since 2002?

And we end the show with a good venting of things we visually have had enough of. Enjoy.

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