Drew Davies

For years, on both this podcast and the old Be A Design Cast, we’ve been promoting Drew Davies for the AIGA National Board. Well, a couple years ago, he made it (listeners know he’s been on both of our podcasts a number of times, and even since being on the board). Well, besides being what I assume is the first person from Omaha to make this honor, he went another step further, and decided to just be President of the whole thing (or, well, co-President at least). Regardless, this is great for the organization, and great for Omaha and the design community here.

So, we bring Drew back to the show to discuss. Then we discuss all the great things his company, Oxide Design Co., has been up to recently.

And yes, we’ll be recapping from the AIGA design conference in Minneapolis in October, so we hope to see you there. And since we do play favorites around here, we will be rooting for another person from Omaha, Cate White, to win this Command X thing!

We’ll be back in two weeks with the crew of Good Fucking Design Advice.

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