When lining up guests to interview at last year’s HOW Design Live in San Francisco, I asked Dyana Valentine (who was splitting co-hosting duties with Nate Voss) who we should speak to. She said Jim Woods of United Pet Group.

It’s always great to speak to people doing great in-house design work. There is something about working that closely to the client that can either make things go wrong, or better than imagined. It’s also fun to hear the stories behind the designs you see on the shelves of stores – and almost everyone has seen Jim’s work – whether they know they have or not.

We had a great show with Jim, and are just as happy to release his Why I Design as the second in our new series. Enjoy.

Why I Design (Episode 2: Jim Woods)
Created by Donovan Beery & Kevin Carroll
Recorded and Designed by Donovan Beery & Nicholas Burroughs
Music by Studio Polymath
Images Provided by Jim Woods

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