Brent Stickles of YYES! Podcast Interview on The Reflex Blue Show

The final of four interviews (not including the recap) from AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp is with Brent Stickles of YYES.

Brent has been the Design Camp stage host / MC / one of the committee for the past four years, and he was great. Just listening to him, you can tell he’s a natural in front of an audience and a microphone. If I was in charge of a conference, I would put Brent right at the top of the list to MC – regardless of what kind of conference it was.

So, we speak Design Camp, branding a restaurant, YYES, and more.

Wow, that kind of also wraps up Season 7 of The Reflex Blue Show, we’ll be back in 2015 with Season 8…

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