Dan Rhatigan: The Reflex Blue Show #190

Dan Rhatigan (Senior Manager of Adobe‘s type team) was at the HOW Design Live design conference in Boston to talk about what’s next in the type world.

Software does have a lifespan, and with Open Type being over two decades old, well, it makes sense that there may be newer technology being created to deliver all of those wonderful letters and glyphs onto our screens – but I never would have guessed that the emoji was a big reason we needed new file formats (but of course that would be the reason). We speak about all of this, as well as what else is coming, and how browsers and desktops are involved.

We also talk about Typekit, and Adobe constantly working on new fonts, as well as updating old one – hello to Minion 3.

The biggest pro to moving to Adobe’s Creative Cloud (that I found anyway), was having access to Typekit. I use it way more often that I thought I would. Most of the other positive cloud changes I had already assumed to be the case, this is just the one that I didn’t see coming I guess. I do look forward to seeing the things Dan speaks of making there way into regular usage – and in another twenty years, well, who knows what will happen…

This was the last of the six interview podcasts I recorded at HOW Live in Boston, but no worry, The Reflex Blue Show will be back in just a week or two with interviews I plan to record this Thursday at the OnBrand Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.


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