Nate Voss: The Reflex Blue Show #211

Nate Voss! Just over 15(?!) years ago, Nate watched Steve Jobs talk about bringing podcasts into iTunes and immediately went to thoughts that he should be podcasting about design and invited Tom Nemitz to help (my typed recap from 5 years ago is here). I somehow also got invited to record, and the Be A Design Cast was born. After a couple-ish years, we went off to start The Reflex Blue Show. Nate left co-hosting after season 4 (when he moved to Kansas City), but did make a number of appearances in the next two years.

After watching ‘The Mandalorian‘ season 2, episode 6, I texted that all I really wanted to do was podcast about Boba Fett and such. So, that’s what we do. Well, we spend the first half talking about design and the best projects Nate’s done in the 9 years since he left Omaha – as well as moving from being a print designer to now spending years designing apps.

Then we just talk Star Wars for a while. We wrap up the show by speaking about 2020, Covid, and how it’s changed, well, everything. Thanks for listening as we wrap up Season 13. We’ll be back in 2021.


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