Von Glitschka (of Vonster, Art Backwash, the FBI, Illustration Class, and author of Crumble.Crackle.Burn. and the forthcoming Drip.Dot.Swirl.) returns to the show for the first time (on the new show)! Von was in town to judge the local design competition and sat down with us again. Originally this show would have been Episode 20, with Episode 19 devoted to the newly announced Adobe CS4 — except that halfway through Von drops the bomb on us that he was heavily involved in many of the updated features that make us purr about Illustrator CS4. We also cover Logo Lounge (which he judged — another bomb) and how there are designers out there who actually don’t get something in the book when they enter. (we have never entered, BTW.) Also joining us is special guest Steve RDQlus Gordon.

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