We moved into our current location about 2 1/2 years ago. The building itself has about 40 small businesses in it, with the Eleven19 offices taking up about 450 square feet.

The “lobby” is basically a sitting area with a gumball machine in it.

And an assortment of my old G.I.Joe figures I cleared out of the attic a few months ago.

The “conference room” is where we brainstorm. We have also been known to move the iMac onto the table and record some podcasts in here as well.

Going through the boxes of G.I.Joe toys, I realized that the SkyStriker jet was obviously my favorite. No vehicle had as much damage from play, and parts of the landing gear were even rebuilt from cardboard and tape rather than discarding the busted vehicle.

The “office” itself is really just two desks with computers. The rest of the stuff is more for entertainment.

We started listening to a lot of vinyl this summer, after I bought my first turntable. (Not that I am that young enough to have never had any records, but I always used my mom’s or one of my sister’s player).

Before I could remember, I am told I ran around the house with a blanket around my neck acting like Superman. Guess I still like the character a bit…