A bit over a year ago I posted a tour of the office, only to move to a new space after the lease was up five months later (it’s only four blocks away, so the move was easy). After being in my third office (fourth if you count the time I started out of my house), eleven months in the new space, and eight years in business, I figured it was time to have an actual open house. Since we went to the effort to make the place presentable, I took some photos to share.

Take a step through the front door, and visit the studio of Eleven19, where most of the podcasts are recorded.

We were able to get a larger space, which gives us an actual lobby. It also gave us room to acquire a nice distraction in the form of a Street Fighter II machine.

Behind the lobby is our conference room. We normally refer to it as ‘the green room’ because of the wall color – and our lack of creativity in naming the room.

The work area itself is quite a bit larger than we had before.

The gum balls finally ran out, and have been replaced with jawbreakers.

This is my desk – protected by Supermen.

And we have the desk Chris works from behind it.

Of course, no office is complete without an autographed Von Glitschka poster (from the Adobe booth at the 2009 HOW Conference in Austin) next to an autograph from Boba Fett.

The final room of the office is our production and media room. It’s been great having a space dedicated to assembling and cutting, rather than constantly having the conference room cluttered with items.

We also run all of the music from here. We’re still happy to say we play a lot of vinyl, but we did inherit an outdated iMac we use for iTunes when needed.

Thanks for stopping by the virtual tour – feel free to stop by the actual studio if you’re ever in town.