The last day of February, 2009 was cold in Omaha. Thankfully we had spent most of it in my office designing a poster and then recording The Reflex Blue Show #29.

After recording, Steve Hartman and Christine Taylor went back to their computers to do some finishing up on the poster when Justin Ahrens of Rule 29 turned the microphones on us. He wanted his next episode of 29 Questions to feature Nate and I. We would actually be following Alice Cooper in the series.

Did we live up to expectations? Did Justin forgetting where he wrote down his questions, thus having us answer what seemed like 46.5 questions matter? Could we possibly follow Alice Cooper in anything? Will we completely bomb the aspect of talking if Nate doesn’t edit the audio files down afterwards? Find out, as the design blog Making Creative Matter presents Interview 10: The boys from The Reflex Blue Show.