A day late and all kinds of labyrinthine Garage Band issues later, we have a terrific interview with author Timothy O’Donnell, who’s first book takes a look at the work behind the work. We got a copy of Sketchbook at the studio and we must say — it is impressive. There’s a laundry list of notable designers here, ranging from Small Stakes to Marian Batnjes to Lance Wyman, designer of the ’68 Mexico Olympics. Timothy takes us through the book from idea through conception, which mega-famous designers turned him down, and how to get in and out of Pentagram in under and hour when confronted by Michael Bierut’s 85 sketchbooks. Be sure to check it out when it releases next month.

Sorry for the poor sound quality on this one folks — with as much trouble as we had on this recording/editing I almost feel lucky to have a show at all! We’ll try not to subject you to too many more like this.

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