If memory serves me correctly, I met Jason Tselentis during an AIGA Nebraska event where House Industries presented at a bowling event. After the presentation, Jason ended up being in the same group of lanes I was during the after-presentation bowling. Over the next year or so, I spoke with Jason at a number of AIGA events, until he left the city to get a master’s degree.

Years later, we ran into each other in the online world, with him writing for Speak Up and me at the also defunct Be A Design Group. It was only a matter of time before he finally stepped foot back in Nebraska, where we got him to stop by and record a podcast with us.

Since Jason also teaches design, we start with a conversation of specialization versus generalization in design degrees and design businesses. From there we show him that which he has never seen. The new ‘Aol.’ mark.

Mig Reyes makes a return with a student tip, and we end speaking of Jason’s upcoming (2011) Rockport book on Type.

And please, let us know if you use the measurement known as the pica. Do you?      

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