It was exactly one year ago today that Nate set up the @36Point Twitter account, and told me to use it. That weekend we drove to Fort Smith to help judge the AAF-Fort Smith ADDY show, and documented the travel with regular tweeting. The following week, we decided we’d ask our wonderful show listeners to ask us our take on anything design related via Twitter, and recorded our first Twitter Show (The Reflex Blue Show #26).

A year later, we figured it was time again – a whole show talking about what was sent to us just an hour or so before recording. @nick_merritt, @iKitty, and @notoriouslb3 ask – and we answer.

For those who like a little more detail on what we cover: view Al’s very cool Haiti poster, check out some vertically-striped socks, turn ahead the clock, witness the return of a ‘hillbilly’, love or hate a serif, view a movie, drool over some crowns, dress like a Skywalker, and listen to Mig Reyes tell you how to be successful.

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