It’s only fitting that the seventh, and final, interview we recorded at the 2010 HOW Conference in Denver was with the man that handled the closing keynote.

If the goal was to have everyone leave the event inspired—done. They found the perfect person to do it. Kevin Carroll is the guy that makes you want try harder. He’s the person that reminds you to do more without actually saying the words. His books on the red rubber ball have been seen in about every design competition since they’ve been out. With reason – Willoughby Design did an amazing job bringing his words to life.

But before we can talk about what Kevin does, we talk about the after-party from the night before. Did you miss that in the schedule? Ends up DJ Noah did to, so he took it in his own hands to create one (that’s the ‘done at 3am the night before’ flyer in our graphic above). Re-live the party, or live it for the first time, with the complete music audio here. Let’s hope he DJs a party (official or not, as long as I find out about it) next year – it was a crazy time.

Just talking with Kevin got me more excited to check out the 2011 conference in Chicago than anything else. I can’t wait. Hope to see you there.

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