We told a bit of the story on the last Reflex Blue Show when we had Justin on as a guest, but today, 36 Point is launching a new podcast / video / thing called, “Why I Design.”

What started out as a conversation after interviewing Kevin Carroll in 2010, and was followed up by multiple emails and a phone call, turned into creating the above video series. This project is a lot better than it should be because of Kevin. I’ll chat a bit more about the creation in an upcoming podcast, but this would not have happened without a few conversations and guidance from Steve Gordon, Nate Voss, Ben Lueders, and Madison Neal.

I also need to thank those who actually helped in the creation itself. Nicholas Burroughs ended up doing almost all of the design and editing, as well as helping me to write all of the questions and figuring out what “Why I Design” could be (this project would not have happened without Nicholas, so huge thanks); Craig Hughes wrote us a custom score (yes, we have original music on this!); and Justin Ahrens, who was gracious enough to put up with multiple requests as we figured out what to do with the audio we recorded back at HOW Design Live in 2013.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the video above, as we have the first eight of these recorded, and in various states of completion. We’ll be back in April with Jim Woods!

Why I Design (Episode 1: Justin Ahrens)
Created by Donovan Beery & Kevin Carroll
Recorded and Designed by Donovan Beery & Nicholas Burroughs
Music by Studio Polymath
Images Provided by Justin Ahrens

Presented by 36 Point
Sponsored and Supported by Eleven19 & Studio Polymath

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