Yesterday at the HOW Interactive Design Conference I sat down next to a well-dressed business man with a Blackberry. Since all the HOW speakers had been taking turns bashing Blackberries I thought I should talk to him to see how he was taking it (I also thought it might make me feel better about being demoted to the ol’ flip phone). Well- that man turned out to be Gary Lynch– the guy that runs all the HOW conferences! You can hear my interview with him at the beginning of the recap below.

Later that evening, during the happy hour, I happened to sit next to two very intelligent/articulate young designers named Micah Sledge and Sherryl Anderson. (That’s their pretty picture up above) They both seemed to have gotten a lot out of the conference- but don’t take my word for it though, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!

(Apologies in advance for my extremely sore throat- and holding the mic too closely to my mouth. What can I say- it was my first time!)

Ben Lueders // Eleven19 Communications

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