Probably my favorite part of attending things like the HOW Interactive Design Conference– is just the opportunity to meet and interact with great talent from all over the country. This year, one of those great talents is Tess Donohoe from Los Angeles.

Tess (as she explained to us in yesterday’s recap) is a native of Denmark- and moved to the US only 5 years ago. But you would never be able to guess that english is the second language of this articulate graphic designer. Tess has strengths in traditional illustration, animation, and collaborating with coders and illustrators on large-scale websites and mobile applications.

Check out her amazing website here—>

I had the privilege of sitting next to Tess during a couple of the conference sessions- and I was delighted to see the kind of “notes” that Tess makes. Below is a sampling of the simple, line drawings that filled her moleskine over the past few days. I hope you enjoy them!

Ben Lueders // Eleven19 Communications

(HOW IDC ATTENDERS: Can you identify any of the speakers or attenders in these drawings?)