Superb Owl 4 - Ad Review Podcast

What seems to, usually, most of the time, 60% of the time every time, be our most fun show to record is the yearly ad recap from the big game. Hey, we record it the night after the game, and launch it the day after that, so we may be two days behind some, but that’s how we do this every year, so without delay, or much more of one anyway, we bring you the Superb Owl Spectacular iv!

Joined by Steve Gordon, Ashley McFeeley, and this episode’s guest host Tom Nemitz, we bring a fun show this time, enjoy.

Oh yes, we break it down to five catecories before debating the “best”:

  • Cars
  • Beverages / Food
  • Retail / Online
  • Movies
  • Whatever Else is Left in a Giant Grab Bag of Stuff

For those who enjoy some footnotes to go with the show:

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