Dani Donovan: The Reflex Blue Show #197

Omaha-based designer Dani Donovan stopped by the Eleven19 office to discuss a design project that went huge – and fast.

In mid-December (of 2018), just two short months before we recorded this podcast, she posted a flowchart/comic showing ADHD storytelling. It started to get shared. It started to get re-posted. It got well over 25 million views, and is still circulating, being edited by others, and shared anew. I saw her post about it on Twitter the day after, mentioning that it went viral much quicker than you can plan, and within hours, I saw it show up in my social media feed from two other people, not even knowing who created it.

We speak of what happens when something you create goes viral, building off of it (Dani has been creating many more wonderful comics on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and can be supported on Patreon), and keeping it all going while you still have a full-time job, as well as freelance work.

I love seeing a designer’s side-project take off, and look forward to seeing Dani Donovan’s success on this.

This officially marks the beginning of Season 12 of The Reflex Blue Show, and thanks goes out to Paul Meyer for creating the new logo and images on this post – we will be using for the rest of the season (and likely through season thirteen). Thanks again for listening. We will be back in a week or two with anther episode. Until then…


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