Emily Cohen: The Reflex Blue Show #198

Emily Cohen returns to the show to discuss her book Brutally Honest (she was last on the show a year ago, before the book shipped, and after an amazing Kickstarter promotion). The book has really taken off, and is now heading into a second-printing – I highly recommend it after reading my copy last month. It really is Emily in book format like she mentions in this episode.

Emily is also on a “Moving Beyond Referrals” speaking tour, and it was great to catch her talk (hosted by the great AIGA Nebraska chapter) at Blatt Beer & Table in Omaha, Nebraska.

We speak about the dirty word that is “specialization”, how and why to specialize, why to limit referrals, and how KISS is playing just across the street from where we recorded next week. Wait, that’s from when we recorded last week. KISS plays in like 3 hours! See you at the show!


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