Alice Waterman & Rebecca Williams: The Reflex Blue Show #243

One of the Highlights of last years’ (2022) HOW Design Live event in Boston, for me anyway, was the chance to sit in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, and to speak with one of the Hotdoggers. But, as part of what makes a Wienermobile sighting so exciting is the rarity, it was not meant to happen again in 2023 (I do speak in this episode about also seeing it again in the fall of 2022 while at a Scouting Event with my daughter though).

One of the many great aspects of HOW Design Live is that they constantly bring in new speakers who do surprise, and the 2023 Conference in Nashville did just that. BrandOpus (the agency that showcased their work for Oscar Meyer, and the reason for the Wienermobile) did return, but this time with Alice Waterman and Rebecca Williams to discuss their work in rebranding all things Jell-O. And in the exhibit hall were boxes upon boxes of the brand new Sparkling Jell-O, a collaboration with AHA Sparkling Water. I do plan to make a batch still, but this requires a second ingredient I need to purchase first, so it may be another month or two…

I speak with Alice Waterman and Rebecca Williams about BrandOpus, rebranding Jell-O, Oscar Meyer and the Wienermobile, the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center that was the home of this year’s HOW Design Live, and more.

Probably should have also asked about the Wienermobile’s new name as the Frankmobile, but all of the old Jell-O recipes we discussed was a lot of fun.