Welcome to the very first 1PT.Rule strip! First things first — click that banner to go to the 1PT.Rule page.

I am really, really excited about this. When Donovan and I left Be A Design Group not-quite-a-year ago, we knew we would be continuing the world’s greatest graphic design podcast in The Reflex Blue Show, but we also talked about a few other projects we had in mind. One of those projects eventually became 1PT.Rule.

Astute and memory-adept readers might remember that in the first days of this site we plastered the front page with an endless rant that laid out our plans for global domination via the gigantic destructo-ray of “entertainment.” Nine months later and there are still a hell of a lot of GD blogs out there, and while the occasionally-bloggish post has crept onto the site, our original plans remained intact. We are not trying to be a blog. Or as some would say we are trying not to be one.
The strip’s genesis begins with my own love of comics and my first two, semi-successful attempts at the medium. But it was the very situation depicted in the strip above that was the catalyst. The real story is slightly less colorful, but no less dramatic; my very good friend (and someone many of you would recognize)’s forced-upon-them role in situation has been replaced by that of a very large, intimidating man behaving voluntarily. But the reason remains the same.
Sometimes when things reach ridiculous levels, you just need to ridicule them.
And so that’s where we’ll be, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for the foreseeable future (barring the occasional hiccup or bump in the road). Doing that thing.