Sorry for the lack of update on Monday’s strip — that comic took a long time to draw and I had to move on once it was up.

Today’s scene depicts a story I’ve lived and heard many, many times, only with the ending we all wish it had, instead of the one where an education in classic typography is ruined by someone with a degree in sports marketing who’s parents are friends with the owner of your company. That’s not a true story from my life, just an example of the type of douche-bag who sacrifices clear, compelling communication because the words are too small. This comic was conceptualized waaaay back when the Design Ninja made his first appearance, and in the end I decided outright murder was the funniest solution to my narrative problem. Ninjas are deadly weapons, after all, except when they go on parade.

Also, can someone please explain to me why Photoshop — in 2009, cannot anti-alias properly at magnifications that aren’t mutliples of 12.5%? I mean, if eff’ing Preview can do it, surely Photoshop can.

Oh, and making a special appearance today is Vonster’s Bad Design Kills shirt. Head over and get yourself one: