As I was finally, finally putting my eyes to ‘Breathtaking’, my running theory that nearly every global branding agency to put out a controversial redesign in the past ten years — dating all the way back to UPS — is led not by the designer at the helm, but by the guiding hands of the world’s most talented bullshit artists. And let’s not make any bones about it: the people steering the ship at Arnell are Bullshitters. World. Class. Bullshitters. With a capital B. The sort of post-creative justification on display in a document they refuse to say is not theirs is the work of a mad genius. For all the ridicule we’ve given them, you just try to tell me that if you could draw even a tenuous line from your last logo design to the birth of Christ in order to get it sold you wouldn’t do it. I’ve been down that dark path many times, and have found my reserves for selling that kind of flagrant excrement to be wanting. There are, however, men (and presumably women) with such a talent for that game they can hardly stop themselves from rising to the top of the pile, so to speak.

Not that I’m condemning, or condoning. It’s just something I’ve noticed.