Katrina Torrijos: The Reflex Blue Show #257

Katrina Torrijos, an Adobe Express Evangelist, was in Omaha a couple of weeks ago for Adobe Create Now. We recorded this episode in a green room / nuclear bunker / hidden lounge below The Durham Museum just hours before Katrina took the stage to show off the capabilities of Adobe Express and how Adobe Firefly (Adobe’s generative AI tool) incorporates itself into Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as Express. For the record, I still have yet to test out Adobe Express, but if I was running an instagram account, the tools built in to schedule posts and allow a client to make some text changes, as well as the simplicity of basic animation – well, I’d definitely test it out.

We also talk about the value in attending events such as this (and this one was completely free by the way), Katrina’s path to becoming an Adobe Evangelist, the power of owning that you are a creative, and more.


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