The Reflex Blue Show - Season 5, Episode 1

Looks like we ended the fourth season of The Reflex Blue Show with 12 episodes featuring guests such as James Victore, Jessica Hische, Michael Osborne, and Dyana Valentine. We also somehow found the time (with help from Ben Lueders) to cover 3 national conferences (in HOW, How Interactive, and AIGA) with 12 special episodes featuring guests like Emily Potts, Von Glitschka, Doug Powell, Cami Travis-Groves, and Terry White.

Season 5 kicks off with the biggest change we’ve ever made on this show – my co-host, Nate Voss, is stepping down from his podcasting duties. I am a bit unsure of how this will effect the direction of the show, but I’d love to take you with me on this adventure – and thank you for listening, it’s the reason I keep doing this.

In my six plus years of podcasting now, I have realized that the show has not always been just me and Nate, but has grown into what it is because of the listeners, and because of the great guests we have been able to have on the show. It is with that in mind that I bring back one of our most frequent friends of the show in Steve Gordon, and our newest one in Ben Lueders.

New Year? I guess it’s time we discuss 2011 then, as we each talk about what we found to be the Design Event of 2011; the Design Product of 2011; and the Design Story of 2011. Then I empty my fridge of vintage (i.e. old) soda in a taste test.

Hope you enjoy the new show.

Your host,
Donovan Beery

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