Rocking it LIVE LIVE LIVE from the show floor — three days ago. Our efforts to bring you the AIGA Make/Think Conference were routed by our shotty server-to-wi-fi connection at the convention center and hotel. Everything else worked great, but when it came to uploading the files, we tasted bitter defeat time and time again. Eventually the stress became to great, and we decided to bring this show back and launch it from the comfort of our own studio chairs.

This show was taped directly following the second day’s (sure it says Day One up there, but our number system is not encumbered by facts) festivities, and with Steve Hartman and Justin Ahrens running the room while we spoke to the passers-by, we crammed an amazing amount of talent into these 25 minutes. In no particular order:

  • Chip Kidd, who explodes about being a judge for Command-X
  • Bonnie Siegler, who created and served as a judge on Command-X
  • Michael Bierut, host of Command-X and gracious gift-giver of time, dance-offs
  • Kurt Andersen, host of Studio 360 and emcee of Make/Think, who totally rocked it this year
  • Tom Wright from Neenah Paper, huge sponsor of Make/Think and the Life in Abundance print we spoke about during 20/20
  • Mig Reyes, from our show’s regular Mig Tips and being awesome all the time
  • Steve Hartman, from Creativille
  • Justin Ahrens and Tim Damitz, from Rule29
  • Gary Mosteller, from we’re-not-sure-where but hey, it’s our show, and you’re welcome on it

So give it a listen — more shows are coming this week!

Download The Reflex Blue Show with Nate Voss and Donovan Beery, AIGA Make/Think Special: DAY ONE or click here to subscribe to The Reflex Blue Show from the iTunes Music Store.