Before what turned out to be a great speaking event put on AIGA Nebraska last Thursday, Ellen Lupton stopped by the studio to talk about a wide variety of topics. Besides the soon-to-be-released update of her already historic book Thinking with Type, we talk about the book she wrote with her sister – one that even your mother would enjoy about design – Design Your Life: The Pleasures and Perils of Everyday Things (as well as how to properly buy a bra – Ellen tells us what mistake over 80% of us make).

The other books of Ellen’s that we cover in a show that goes by way-to-fast are: D.I.Y.: Kids, D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself (a book so cool even Urban Outfitters carried it), and Exploring Materials: Creative Design for Everyday Objects.

We also take a break to ask Ellen about her writing at Fast Company. And since she wrote Time and Identity: What Your Clock Says About Your Personality, we have her see what she can figure out about me from the timepieces in my office. The show ends with a cameo by AIGA Nebraska’s Director of Finance, Jim Wolf. He’s still wrong though, I stand by my answer of Paul Rand. The answer is always Paul Rand.

It was a pleasure to speak with Ellen Lupton, and if you ever get an opportunity to see her speak, I highly recommend it. Her talk was informative, fun, and filled with great visuals. Exactly what you would expect from an AIGA Medalist.

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