Steve Gordon & Paul Meyer: The Reflex Blue Show #194

Steve Gordon and Paul Meyer stop by The Reflex Blue Show to talk about the current things going on in the design world.

We recorded this a day or two after Apple’s announcements of a new phone line – and a big advancement in their watch technology. I know I’ll eventually end up with a new iPhone at sometime…but who knows when that’ll be, as I’m pretty set on just riding my phone out until it decides it’s time. I do look forward to Steve sending me hourly memos from his watch – just to let me know he got the new one though…

We also cover trends (note: you NEED a ‪#‎HVYCRWN‬ fanny pack – make this happen).

And a large chunk of time is of us trying to remember if the Apple IIE had an optional color monitor. I WAS RIGHT! Steve check this – someone playing Oregon Trail on a color monitor. And the IIE was nothing, if not a way to play Oregon Trail. I can feel the dysentery coming on now, and it’s not good.


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