Last week’s Christmas comic was derailed in reaction to what has come to be known as The Christmas Blizzard of 2009, which completely destroyed fully 75% of my holiday plans, and continues to pose a threat to this day.

The unexpected upside of being snowed in for four days was working through nearly all of the DVDs my wife and I received on Christmas. Quantum of Solace itself was the lone hold-out, being sidelined by a Band of Brothers marathon on Spike TV. In case you are wondering, that formula looks like this: BoB > QoS.

My wife received Julie & Julia, a movie I had previously vowed never to see, in fact suffering through G.I.Joe while she saw it with her mother last summer. Being a good husband I sat down and was moved emotionally by the tale of a young blogger during the heyday of the blog (long since past). I guess that movie is supposed to be about a cook but NO! it is actually the greatest (only?) movie about blogging interrupted sporadically by Meryl Streep playing a muppet.

The entire tale of Julie is one any mid-aught blogger knows all too well. The initial rush of excitement, the feelings of isolation and the void of the internet, the elation of your first comment, followed by your first comment from someone you don’t know. Feeling pressured to produce something worth your audience’s time, day after day, with a spouse and family who don’t really get what you’re doing at all. A roller-coaster, that. In the end, through nothing but the power of blogging, this young woman scores a book deal and a movie based (half’sies) on her life. God that’s a happy ending.