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Ben Lueders and I were trying to motivate ourselves to come up with a topic for the next podcast, when we started thinking about what would motivate us to find such a topic. That was all the motivation we needed  – we decided to talk about “finding design motivation.”

We had already lined up Steve Gordon and Brandon Herbel to be guests, so all we had left to do was get some sort of structure together, or so we thought.

Once we decided to have five categories to come up with answers for, we went ahead and had some future and past guests of the show give us the “correct answers” for designers looking for motivation. Our categories for finding motivation ended up being: website; quote; advice; activity; and food and/or drink. And a huge thanks goes out to our expert panel who emailed in their motivations: Armin Vit, Von Glitchka, Nate Voss, Sean Adams, and Kevin McConkey.

A lot of these things get done by us last minute, and it’s amazing anyone on our panel got back to me in time, but this one came in just a couple hours after we recorded, but I love it, so wanted to share it. The advice from Debbie Millman, and all the motivation I need for the rest of the day, “DON’T GIVE UP. EVER.”

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