Don’t ever let anyone say that when I tease a kick in the balls, I don’t follow-through.

Sorry I didn’t ever get around to posting anything to go along with Wednesday’s strip. I got pretty comfortable with my buffer and apparently decided I didn’t need to do any work at all that day. That buffer, if you can tell by the time of this posting, has evaporated already, but was nice. I will have some time this weekend to myself, I may spend it getting up to speed again. I already have next week written, no reason to sit on my duff I guess.

If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to check out our interview with Timothy O’Donnell about Sketchbook. Despite the underwater “effects” that seem to have hampered our recording, it really is a great interview. Leave it to us to try haphazardly to step up our remote-recording systems on an episode that actually carries some weight.