Mountain Dew. Steve’s book (a little). My book (more than is healthy). Art Backwash. The Olympics. London 2012. Death Race vs. North by Northwest. This show runs the gamut on just about every possible graphic design end-of-summer topic we could possibly come up with. Steve and Donovan ambush me on my own illustrative-children’s-novella, I do my best to answer questions without coming across as a total jerk. Hopefully I cannot has FAIL on that task. The last 120 seconds are a mind-blowing ratta-tat-tat of topic transitions and teases that must be heard to be believed. Also I think we’re going to do more movie reviews, too. Thanks for listening, as always

— nv —

…summer isn’t over, they will lie to you, they will tell you it’s true, but summer isn’t over…

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